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Engineering services at CW Services Engineering & Construction


CW Services' primary goal is to execute projects that meet our client's objectives for product quality and throughput capacity. The engineering design phase is a key step in meeting those objectives. Our focus is on developing designs that are cost-effective, easy to operate and maintain and minimize construction time all while meeting our customers’ expectations.

Electrical Services

Our 30 years of experience encompass a large variety of work environments. We have installed as high as 348KV electrical systems through low voltage systems for customers' across the US. Our company supplies and installs the equipment, provides warranties for our parts and labor, and services the equipment as needed. For cases of urgent need, CWE stocks the most commonly needed electrical material and equipment to expedite our service and response.

Engineering services at CW Services Engineering & Construction
Construction services at CW Services Engineering & Construction


CW Services provides excellence in construction for our customers'. The end product in construction depends on the quality of materials, construction practices, and the level of care and quality control in the construction process. Our team consists of highly skilled iron workers, welders, pipe fitters, crane operators, laborers, and millwrights. We maintain a large fleet of construction equipment including cranes, boom trucks, tele handlers, man lifts, backhoe, skid steers, welders, air compressors, and pipe fusing machines.

Project Management

CW Services provides outstanding project/construction management for our customers'. Our construction support services are directed at enhancing the quality and value of construction projects. Our construction management professionals focus on providing leading-edge practices in project management, scheduling, cost controls, construction techniques, subcontractor management, health & safety, and QA/QC. From the planning and design phase through the procurement, fabrication, construction, and commissioning phases, our goal is to provide a safe, high-quality project on time and on budget.

Engineering services at CW Services Engineering & Construction
Construction services at CW Services Engineering & Construction

Filter Press

CW Services, in conjunction with international equipment manufacturer, has assembled and installed a large number of plate and frame filter presses in the coal and aggregate industries. This technology has provided many benefits to our customers' including a reduction in chemical costs, minimized water consumption, and elimination of the need for a tailings impoundment.


Fabrication is the process of constructing products by combining typically standard parts using one or more individual processes. Fabrication is used in many manufacturing industries, but it is particularly suited to the industrial production in steel. Fabricators tend to be companies or factories that carry out the fabrication process, rather than individuals. There are many different types of fabrication, including mechanical and welded fabrication, as well as a wide range of other relevant disciplines such as machining and electrical/electronic assembly.

Fabrication services at CW Services Engineering & Construction
Automation services at CW Services Engineering & Construction


Our company is the leader in coal preparation facility automation and we have performed similar work in other industries. We provide, install and program the equipment and train you on how to use it. Our expertise lies in all aspects of Allen Bradley PLCs and software, but we have experience with many systems. We are listed as an Allen Bradley integrator.

Fiber Optics & Telecommunications

Fiber Optics and Telecommunications is a provider of fiber optic and copper communications systems for today's business environment. Our professional staff has the skills, knowledge, and experience to ensure that your needs are met. From pre-planning a system to installation and certification, our staff will ensure that everything works smoothly from start to finish.

Fiber optics & telecommunications services at CW Services Engineering & Construction
Industrial painting services at CW Services Engineering & Construction

Industrial Painting

We are a highly experienced painting contractor specializing in industrial and commercial applications. Our team of NACE-qualified technicians have the experience and expertise needed to complete any of your coating projects. All of our personnel have extensive backgrounds in NACE and SSPC standards, along with the proper knowledge to apply any type of coatings that your project may require.

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